History of Przemyśl Jews

Muzeum Narodowe Ziemi PrzemyskiejExhibition at the Main Building, 1, Berek Joselewicz Square, 2nd floor

Opowieść o Żydach PrzemyskichOn 26 October 2018 in The National Museum of Przemyśl District there was opened to the viewers the permanent exhibition devoted to the history and culture of Przemyśl Jews, the people that were through the centuries an immanent part of the population of Przemyśl. The Jews participated in development of Przemyśl, and its economic, cultural and social life. In the late 16th century the Jews built there en eminent, brick stone synagogue that in a short time became the centre of Jewish quarter. Also there was a Jewish bath. In those times also was established the first Jewish cemetery out of the city walls. The WWII brought an end to the many-century existence of Jewish community in Przemyśl. Now, many centuries of Jewish existence in Przemyśl just is reminded only by the new Jewish cemetery at Słowacki Street and by two abandoned synagogues.

The exhibition entitled “History of Przemyśl Jews” aims at evoking the picture of old, culturally colorful town. The world of non-existing now Jewish community has been illustrated with archival photographs, pictures and engravings. Significant part of the exhibition consists of artefacts concerning both synagogual and domestic cult. The first has been represented by the objects as Torah scrolls and Torah’s ritual garment. Items concerning domestic religious celebrations and feasts are: Hanukah lamps, incense burners, cups and Kiddush glasses. Significant is also that the exhibition has been created in a symbolic place, i.e. in the heart of once vibrant Jewish quarter.

Panoramas of the exhibition