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About the project

The project entitled Bells in the landscape of Polish-Ukrainian Borderland in San River Land has been carried out within the framework of the program of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland to be performed in the year 2017: Folk and traditional culture. The objective of program is to catch and describe material and intangible cultural heritage fitted into bells i. e. to get know how San River Borderland residents percept those idiophone instruments, and to document and list bells in the region in question. Landscape of San River Land in our researches has been restricted to a part of Podkarpackie Voivodeship (region spreading from Krasiczyn to Mrzygłód; selected locations in Krasiczyn, Krzywcza, Dubiecko, Dynów, Nozdrzec, Dydnia and Sanok municipalities). Geographically, it is the region of Przemyskie Foothills and Dynowskie Foothills. In the framework of the project many field studies basing on individual in-depth interviews and photographic documentation were carried out. Aim of those works was to get know different functions and appearance of bells and belfries that survived in San River Borderland. The project consists of fifty individual in-depth interviews that allow acquainting people of San River villages with importance of bells. Interviews with residents have been supplemented with talks with parsons of the local parishes (15 talks).

Among the works within the framework of the program Bells in the landscape of Polish-Ukrainian Borderland in San River Land will be also organized an exhibition in the Bells and Tobacco Pipes Museum in Przemyśl to present the most interesting bells and belfries of the region under discussion.

Important task of the project is to make a documentary film about bells. In the contemporary visual culture such a film would be a perfect supplement to scientific contents and would bring subjects concerning bells closer to those who visit Przemyśl museum. The project will also be a contribution to scientific discussion on bells. Additionally a publication aiming at popularizing bells of the region in question will be prepared. Results of our researches are currently being presented as lectures at various conferences and symposiums (e.g. in Taciszów, Cracow, Lutsk (Ukraine) and Lidzbark Warmiński).

All our endeavors are being carried out thanks to additional financing by the means from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, and Podkarpackie Voivodeship Marshal’s Office.

Campanologic studies nowadays are not very popular among the scholars, or in publications relating to popular science or marketing. There is a lack of deep studies over condition and significance of bells; that is why our project fills the gap in that aspect and contributes to popularizing bell subjects.

Our project also focuses on sound landscape of San River Borderland. It shows bells, especially church bells, as an element of identity of place, and their artistic merit, and richness of historical, ethic and religious contents. Nowadays people forget deep symbolism and bell’s different functions. Bell’s significance gradually devaluates, yet bells continue to be written into the sacred matters, and serve commemorating important events, persons and situations.

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