Panorama of the pre-history and Early Middle Ages of the Przemyśl Region

Muzeum Narodowe Ziemi PrzemyskiejExposition at Main Building, 1 Berka Joselewicza Square, 2nd floor

The exhibition presents human life in the context of environmental, cultural, social and economical changes through the span of ages. Its chronological range shown at the exhibition is very wide as it embraces approximately 20 thousands of years B. C. to the 13th century C. E.

When visiting the exhibition one should pay attention to numerous and unique – in Poland and at times in Europe – artefacts testifying to far contacts of the Przemyśl region. Among the mentioned ones first of all should be noticed the following: copper axe from Pistyń, vessels and metal artefacts imported to the region (included in the inventories of the Lusatian Culture Tarnobrzeg Group (small bronze sword from Przemyśl) or native products (e.g. Przędzel hoard), artefacts imported from Roman provinces (e.g. bronze situla form Przemyśl and some Roman coins) and – early mediaeval axelike weight and a saber from Radymno.

All information presented at the exhibition is supplemented by animations, multi-medial presentations as well as a catalogue.

Exhibition scenario and arrangement by Adam Kostek.

Exhibition co-financed by Culture and National Heritage Ministry within the framework of the Programme named: cultural heritage at the priority entitled: enhancement of museum activities.