Permanent exhibitions

Panorama of the pre-history and Early Middle Ages of the Przemyśl Region

Panorama pradziejówMuzeum Narodowe Ziemi PrzemyskiejExposition at Main Building, 1 Berka Joselewicza Square, 2nd floor

The exhibition presents human life in the context of environmental, cultural, social and economical changes through the span of ages. Its chronological range shown at the exhibition is very wide as it embraces approximately 20 thousands of years B. C. to the 13th century C. E.

Two-voiced Credo

Credo na dwa głosyMuzeum Narodowe Ziemi PrzemyskiejExhibition at: Main Building, 1, Joselewicza Square, 2nd floor.

Exhibition presents the items from National Museum of Przemyśl District’s holdings, concerning sacral art of two nations i.e. Poles and Ukrainians that were creating together the history of these terrains of the Polish Commonwealth. That is why the title of the exhibition is: The two-voiced Credo.

Grand chamber

Muzeum Historii Miasta PrzemyślaPlace: Brzykowska House, 9, Rynek (Town Hall Square), ground floor, inner court side.

Grand chambers were the most representative rooms in Renaissance houses, and were used to host guests or discuss business matters.

In an old photo studio…

Muzeum Historii Miasta PrzemyślaExhibition at Brzykowska House, 9 Rynek (Town Hall Square), 2nd floor, rooms at the courtyard side.

The exhibition consists of three rooms, where, being based on the artefacts from Bernard Henner and Adam Wysocki’s photo studios an old photo studio is on view to the visitors.